Distributions for all record dates of a given month are paid approximately 15 days after month-end. There is no assurance that Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT, Inc. will continue to declare distributions at this amount. Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT, Inc. has paid, may continue to pay, and has no limits on the amounts it may pay, distributions from any source, including from sources other than cash flow from operations, which may include proceeds from its DRIP Offering, the sale of assets, advances and financings. The use of borrowed funds to pay distributions can result in a reduction or suspension of distributions. There is no guarantee that monthly distributions will be paid or that the distribution rate will be maintained. Any distributions from sources other than cash flow from operations may negatively impact the value of your investment.

The Company has no operating history or established financing sources. As a result, an investment in the Company is speculative. In addition, the offeree will not be acquiring an interest in the Company's advisor.
Investments in the healthcare property sector contain certain risks, including the fact that adverse trends in healthcare provider operations may negatively affect lease revenues and the ability to make distributions to stockholders. Please consult the prospectus for additional risks.